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About Meriwest

Origin of the name:
Meriwest [pronounced mer-i-west as in America] Derived from the combination of merit and west, conveying the meaning of respect and praise, a commendable quality or act, combined with the adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit of the west.

Meriwest Credit Union delivers financial value to any individual and small business in the Greater Bay Area of California and Tucson, Arizona that is looking for above market rates on deposits, low loan rates, lower fees, product options and an experience that makes you feel good about your decision to do business with us.

If the idea of no-cost checking, free online and mobile banking with free Bill Pay, mortgages with little money down and home equity lines of credit that are competitively priced appeals to you, make your move to Meriwest.

Plus, if you need a reference, just ask our members! More than one-third of our new members are referred from friends and family who consistently rate us high in service and have rated the interaction with our employees as their greatest source of satisfaction.

Our history started on May 5, 1961 when the IBM San Jose Employees Federal Credit Union was organized. In 1975 the official name changed to Pacific IBM Employees Federal Credit Union. In 1999 Pacific IBM became Meriwest Credit Union. Today, the same great benefits of credit union membership that were once only available to the employees and families of those employed at IBM, are now available to anyone who lives or works in the Greater Bay Area of Northern California or in Tucson, Arizona.

Meriwest offers everyone the latest technologies, branch convenience and personal services to meet any financial need. Products and services range from checking and savings accounts, consumer loans, small business loans and merchant services, and investment and insurance options, all accessible through normal branch channels, via online banking, as well as the latest access through mobile banking technology.

Serving individuals, families, and area businesses with over $1 billion in assets, those who become a part of Meriwest enjoy the security of banking with an organization that's established, financially sound and has a strong local heritage.

Because Meriwest is member-owned, our members have more money in their pocket to use as they see fit through:

  • Above market rates on deposits
  • Lower interest rates on loans
  • Fees that are more than four times lower than banks. On average, banks receive as much as 40% of their income from fees. At Meriwest, income from fees is much lower.

Meriwest's FLOW account helps parents teach their children the discipline of managing money, the value of money and the satisfaction that comes from having financial knowledge and responsibility.

Meriwest's Business Banking brings a personalized banking experience to local small businesses through benefits that are usually only offered at big banks.

  • Truly free business checking and interest bearing checking
  • Loans to meet all your business needs
  • Merchant and Payroll Services
  • Personalized service from a dedicated business banking representative

Meriwest offers the convenience and comfort from banking at a place where members always receive a welcoming experience. Members enjoy banking at financial centers that feel more like banking in their own living room and feature:

  • Complimentary Peet's coffee
  • No teller lines
  • Financial news and offers
  • Access to a cybercafe
  • Children's workstation and play areas

Not close to a Meriwest Financial Center, no problem. Meriwest is networked with other credit unions so you can conduct your transactions at a location convenient to you. Or if you prefer, you can use our Online and Mobile Banking services for easy access to your accounts anytime.

By listening to our members, we can help them achieve their goals and provide advice that's truly in their best interest. Our free, how-to seminars that save members time by providing all the information they need in one place and give them the confidence to make big financial decisions.

All good reasons to break free from your bank and join the move to Meriwest.

  • 2017 – Meriwest’s support for members buying or refinancing a home grew to $425 million as our overall financial support to members through loans exceeded $900 million.

    In order to serve our members better we opened a new Financial Center in Main St, Cupertino and completed an extensive remodel and upgrade of our Milpitas Financial Center.

    We rolled out instant issue debit card capabilities to all of our branches, so when a member opens an account or loses their card there is no waiting for convenient, secure access to funds.  We also implemented eNotices for more secure, speedy and effective communication with our members.

    Again, 100% if our staff participated in some of community service activity. Contributions this year included hundreds of pounds of warm clothing, blankets, backpacks and school supplies for Bay Area charities, Halloween costumes for every child in a local homeless shelter, and over 230 fresh Thanksgiving Turkeys for the needy served by Second Harvest Food Bank.

  • 2016 – Meriwest provided $319 million in loans to help members buy or refinance a home and lent over $125 million to local businesses to support our community‘s growth.

    We converted all of our debit cards to EMV chip technology and added enhanced card benefits such as identity theft resolution, extended warranty and price protection at no additional cost.  We also added Card Controls to Meriwest online banking to allow members to activate, reactivate or cancel their debit cards immediately if needed. We also added Quick Balance to our mobile app, putting that important figure right at your fingertips.

    Meriwest Wealth Advisors was created to help grow and protect member assets and plan for major life events and retirement.

    100% of our staff joined some sort of community service, contributing more than 1,900 service hours. Additionally, staffed contributed over $38,000 in support of 34 local charities. Meriwest Community Relations provided financial literacy workshops and seminars to over 6,000 members, neighbors and students.

  • 2015 – Meriwest opened two full-service branches — in the Santa Clara Town Centre on El Camino Real and inside the Market by Safeway on Second Street in the heart of downtown San Jose.  

    We helped 562 members buy or refinance a home and supported our community’s growth through 28 business loans.

    We upgraded our telecommunications system for quicker, 24/7 access to more account information and more efficiently and accurate call routing.  We also improved our disaster recovery site infrastructure so we can continue to run all of our core systems to serve members in the event of a disaster. 

    We provided financial literacy seminars, taught by Meriwest employees, to 5,121 students at local schools, junior colleges and youth organizations; and to members throughout the community.  

    Ninety-eight percent of our staff joined in some form of community service — and more than 200 employees invested 1,722 hours of their time to events and activities in our community.

  • 2014 – Meriwest made great strides in 2014, both visible and behind-the-scenes, improving services and technology with a focus on convenience for our members.

    We expanded member accessibility to accounts with the launch of Remote Deposit Capture through our mobile banking application. We also enhanced convenience on the go with the introduction of our first Image Capture ATMs. No longer will you be required to use an envelope to make your deposit. We will continue to roll-out these improved ATMs at our existing branches throughout 2015.

    We have a new telecommunications system that gives you faster, expanded access to account information at your fingertips, as well as more seamlessly routing calls so you are helped by the right person on our staff – the first time. We also integrated our credit and debit payment systems to give members one source of contact for all card needs, while adding American Express to our offerings for more choice and convenience. Our effort to bring practical financial education to our community continued to expand through community outreach through schools and local non-profit organizations. Nearly 85% of Meriwest’s staff provided their time and energy toward community service.

    Meriwest also delivered financial support to important service organizations in our community. We teamed up with Federal Home Loan Bank to bring valuable resources to those in need. We presented a check for $20,000 to Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence for their work in helping battered women and children escape the cycle of domestic violence. We were also proud to sponsor a $25,000 grant to Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County for their SaveNow! pilot program, providing financial education and credit building to at-risk refugee foster care youth.

  • 2013 – Meriwest continued with improvements to our remote and online banking that make being a Meriwest member more secure and satisfying than ever. We introduced Mobile Deposits into our Mobile Banking application. Members can now deposit a check from the convenience of their homes without worrying about finding an ATM or visiting a branch. We continued to enhance our online banking platform for additional security and ease of use to ensure the best protection available for your finances.

    Meriwest continued to serve our communities, reaching out to nearly 5,000 individuals to provide financial development and education seminars. All of these activities allowed for a better experience by our members with Meriwest.

  • 2012 – Meriwest made several improvements to our remote and online banking that make being a Meriwest member more satisfying than ever. We introduced Bill Pay into our Mobile Banking application. We also upgraded our online banking platform for better security and ease of use, upgraded online calculators, and added links to online loan applications and lending representatives. All of these features allowed for better and easier access for our members to manage their finances on their schedule.

    2012 was also a breakout year for our Responsible Financial Practices Initiative. We conducted free workshops and seminars for teens, business people, homemakers, single parents…anyone interested in learning the basics of personal finances from balancing a checkbook and creating a budget to calculating loan payments and making wise financial choices. In reaching out to over 6,000 adults and students, this program won the California Credit Union League’s “California Outreach Award” as well as the Richard Myles Johnson Foundations “Beacon Award” for outstanding youth financial education outreach.

    In 2012 Meriwest funded 1,270 home loans totaling more $361 million. We continued to work with area organizations to make homeownership a reality through our partnerships with the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco and the Housing Endowment and Regional Trust (HEART) of San Mateo County. Utilizing the FHLB’s IDEA, WISH, and Affordable Housing Grant programs and through San Mateo County’s HEART Opening Doors Loan program we have been able to help families of moderate means attain the dream of homeownership.

  • 2011 – Meriwest introduces Mobile Banking apps. Now members have anytime access to manage their accounts by using their smart phones. Adoption grows to over 10% of membership in just 6 months.

    Meriwest also continued efforts to focus on Community Investment and Development. We introduced the community to financial education courses on topics of Managing Your Credit, Auto Financing, Home Buying, Investment Planning and more. In 2011, Meriwest was pleased to have reached out to nearly 5,000 in the community.

  • 2009 – Meriwest made great strides in Community Investment and Development. We introduced "Real World Budgeting" for teens and young adults, presenting to local schools and communities, reaching over 1000 youth.

    Meriwest also introduced the FLOW Account. An online electronic debit card for teens that allowed parents to set credit limits and establish spending conditions with their teens, as well as "recharge" the card as required. With the FLOW card teens could learn the value of budgeting and managing their money first hand while parents controlled the flow.

    Meriwest was also recognized for its community development efforts by winning the Dora Maxwell award from the California Credit Union League, recognizing our socially responsible efforts within the community. Meriwest earned awards from two statewide credit union competitions: the Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Recognition Award and the Louise Herring Credit Union Philosophy in Action Award.

    In 2009, we continued to rank high in member satisfaction with 86.7% of members definitely agreeing that they feel satisfied with Meriwest and their banking experience here.

  • 2008 – Meriwest obtained a community charter that allowed the Credit Union to provide membership to all residents of Pima County, Arizona.

  • 2007 – Meriwest added six financial centers during the year. The credit union expanded its presence in the East Bay with a new location on Crow Canyon Road in San Ramon, and new financial centers were opened on Hillsdale Avenue and Cottle Road in San Jose. Three locations were also added through Meriwest's merger with Golden Bay Federal Credit Union: in Moffett Field, Downtown San Jose and Sunnyvale.

    In addition, the merger with Golden Bay increased Meriwest's asset total to $1.3 billion and membership to 92,000.

  • 2006 – Meriwest celebrated 45 years of service, proudly looking back at the many relationships the credit union has developed with members since 1961.

  • 2005 – Meriwest continued its trend of strong growth and increased its assets and membership base by completing a merger with Silicon Valley Credit Union.

    As a result of the merger, Meriwest surpassed $1 billion in assets and expanded its presence in the Bay Area Peninsula as 4 locations in Mountain View, Palo Alto (2), and Menlo Park were converted to Meriwest Credit Union financial centers.

  • 2004 – Meriwest introduced free checking with free online banking and bill pay, and a new Home Banking web site adding greater online banking conveniences and the ability to transfer funds to and from other institutions.

    Meriwest also prepared to launch Business Banking services to deliver a personalized banking experience to small business through dedicated business banking representatives and benefits that are scarcely offered by other financial institutions such as truly free business checking and premier business checking accounts that pay interest to all businesses.

  • 2003 – Meriwest achieved its second consecutive year of record net income and became the second fastest growing credit union in the San Francisco Bay Area in terms of membership growth.

    Meriwest opened two new financial centers in Dublin and San Mateo and merged with Oakland-based Franklin Media Credit Union expanding Meriwest's field of membership to employees and family of media related companies in Marin, Napa, Solano, Sonoma, Monterey and Santa Cruz counties.

    Meriwest Mortgage became the credit union's largest asset as the result of a substantial increase in first time home buying and refinancing.

  • 2002 – Meriwest was the only financial services institution out of more than 15,000 small to mid-size financial institutions in the country to be recognized for Customer Relationship Management excellence by the Gartner Group, the world's most prestigious industry analyst firm.

  • 2001 – Meriwest celebrated its 40th anniversary and surpassed $750 million in assets.

  • 2000 – Meriwest received approval to add the counties of San Mateo, San Francisco and Contra Costa to its membership base. It opened two new financial centers in North San Jose and Milpitas.

  • 1999 – Meriwest received approval to add Santa Clara and Alameda counties to its membership base and changed its name to Meriwest Credit Union.

  • 1998 – Meriwest held an election to change its charter from Federal to State which would result in significant increases in its membership-base. Its members overwhelmingly approved. That same year, Meriwest surpassed $500 million in assets.

  • 1997 – Meriwest acquired Community Savings FCU and its Milpitas and Palo Alto branches.

  • 1993 – Meriwest's customer service opportunities were greatly increased as the National Credit Union Administration approved expansion to Selected Employer Groups outside IBM. This resulted in Meriwest providing financial opportunities to employees of companies such as Loral, Computer Task Group, Inc., Pacific Coast Building Products, Inc., and American Gas & Technology.

  • 1982 – Meriwest Credit Union surpassed $100 million in total assets.

  • 1980 – Meriwest merged with Sun States Credit Union and opened offices in Los Angeles and Tucson, Arizona.

  • 1975 – Meriwest became the Pacific IBM Employees Federal Credit Union and added seven additional states to its membership base.

  • 1961 – Meriwest Credit Union was officially chartered as the IBM San Jose Employees Federal Credit Union to primarily serve the employees of IBM and their relatives.

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