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Youth Initiatives
Youth Initiatives
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Youth Initiatives

Supporting our Future

The youth of our community represent our future. They are our executives, our politicians, the teachers to our children and grand children, and the famous artists whose work will grace the museums of tomorrow. Meriwest Credit Union nurtures the youth of our community through our support for their academics, their creativity, and their financial knowledge.

For years, the talented young members of Meriwest have participated in our High School Essay Contest. The work these students turn in to us not only shows their strengths, intelligence and special abilities, it shows the great pride each of them takes in delivering a fully realized essay.

The newest addition to our youth programs is our Teen Financial Education Program. This program will reach out to young people who are preparing for college and beyond. The classes we offer provide a young adult the means by which they can manage their credit, budget their money, and develop savings habits that will provide them with lifelong benefits. We like to think of the workshops we provide as "Lifeskills" workshops. These are skills and knowledge sets that are learned once and utilized for a lifetime.

Youth Financial Education

Is your child prepared for the financial realities of today's world? Do they understand what credit means? Can they balance a checkbook and live within their means? These are the questions all parents should be asking and preparing their children for as they develop their independence. The Meriwest Teen Financial Education classes give young people insight into what life can be like when they are independent and living on their own. Our budget simulation gives the students a post college job and a savings account. The students then have to rent an apartment, furnish the apartment, buy a car, and then develop a budget that will allow them to live comfortably and replenish their savings with their after tax income. It is an exciting and thought provoking class that gives young people a taste of the real world.

Meriwest Credit Union also provides credit classes for teens and young adults. Establishing Credit teaches teenagers how to get started in credit and what financial issues to avoid on the way to building an excellent credit rating. The Credit Myths and Repair workshop provides a more in-depth view of credit and credit scoring as well as information on accessing and reviewing one's credit report. Finally, Auto Finance 101 provides valuable insights into purchasing and financing a young person's first vehicle. In the Auto Finance 101 class we teach teens and young adults how to negotiate their deal and show them the best options for financing their auto purchases.

View our list of current events to find out when our free Financial Educational classes are being held.

Meriwest's Annual Essay Competition

Each year, high school age members have the opportunity to win a cash prize for their continued education by participating in Meriwest's High School Essay Competition. To participate in the contest, High School students must submit a 1,000 word essay based upon the specific topic suggested by the team at Meriwest Credit Union.

The competition is open to high school students between the ages of 13 and 18 and members of Meriwest, with a GPA of 2.0 or higher who live or work in Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco counties or Tucson, Arizona.

Students who do not live or work in these counties, but are existing Meriwest members or relatives, are also eligible to enter.

The annual program will usually accept student essays in January. Date and details will be announced prior. Please visit the for a link to the Essay Competition page for more information when this contest starts.

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