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Online Banking FAQs

How do I contact Meriwest?

For questions about Meriwest Checking and Saving accounts, Certificates, IRAs, and Loans, please call our Customer Contact Center during business hours.

Phone Hours of Operation (Pacific Time) - 877-MERIWEST (877-637-4937):

  • Monday-Friday: 7:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
  • Saturday: 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

If you are enrolled in Online Banking, you can also send us a Secure Message using the Secured Messaging System under the Customer Service tab within Meriwest Online Banking.

For general inquiries and non-account related questions, select the email option on the Contact Us page.

Account Questions

Which types of accounts can I access using Meriwest Online?

You can review account balances for any of your Meriwest Savings, Checking and Money Market accounts, Certificates, IRAs, Consumer Loans, and Mortgages. You can also use the "Account History" function to review the transaction history on all accounts except for your Meriwest Mortgage account. If you wish to review your Meriwest Mortgage account, you will need to log on through the Mortgage link on our home page.

What details will I find in the Account History?

When you select Account History, you can review details about each transaction. Details include the date, amount and description of the transaction and the balance in your account after the transaction was posted.

Can I transfer funds between my accounts?

You can transfer funds between any of your checking, savings or money market accounts as well as transfer funds to and from other financial institutions.

Can I stop or modify my request to transfer funds? When are transfers posted to my account?

You can modify or cancel your transfer request during the online transfer process until you select the "Finalize Transfer" option. Once you have selected this option your transfer will be completed and you will receive a confirmation. At this point, the transfer cannot be canceled. You can continue to initiate additional transfers to move the funds between the appropriate accounts. Internal account transfers will be posted to your account immediately and are reflected in your Account Balances.

Can I set up Alerts for my accounts?

You can create an e-mail or text alert to manage and monitor any of your accounts. Simply select the Account Management tab within Online Banking and follow the instructions to create a new alert or edit an alert.

Alerts are available for account balances, ATM transactions, cleared checks, loan due dates, and more.

How do I make my Meriwest Loan payment?

You can make payments to your Meriwest Loans by using the "One Time" or "Recurring Transfer" feature in Meriwest Online. Or by using Online Bill Pay.

How do I make my Mortgage Loan payment?

Mortgage loans can be paid by using our Online Bill Pay feature and setting up your Meriwest Mortgage as a payee or, you can sign on directly to the mortgage site and establish your payment there.

Please note: Visiting the Mortgage site will require a separate user ID and Password from that used for your online banking access.

To access the Mortgage site directly, select the "Mortgage Account Access" option under the Mortgage tab. You can view the changes to your account balances usually within the next 3 business days. You may also review your Meriwest Mortgage account activity and balance, through the same selection.

How do I pay my VISA® Credit Card?

There are a few options you can use to pay your Visa credit card. To pay balances on your Visa credit card through Meriwest Online Banking, you can use our Bill Pay service where you can establish a payee based on the information from your monthly Visa credit card statement.

You can also link directly to your account through our Credit Card page. Simply select your credit card type to access the secure online account portal.

Is there a charge for using Meriwest Online Banking?

No, there is no charge to use Meriwest Online Banking. This is a FREE service provided to all Meriwest Credit Union members.

What other features/services does Meriwest Online Banking provide?

  • Bill Pay and P2P payments
  • Check reorder
  • eStatements, eTax forms (up to 16 months) and check image viewing
  • Skip-a-Payment for loan payments
  • Stop payment
  • Web Connect transaction download into Quicken®, QuickBooks® and Money back to top

Bill Pay

How do I enroll in Bill Pay?
Once you have logged into Online Banking, you can enroll into Meriwest's FREE Bill Pay system by selecting the "Bill Pay" option at the top of your screen and following the instructions.

Who can I pay using Free Bill Pay?
With Free Bill Pay, you can pay virtually anyone in the United States that you would normally pay by check or automatic debit. Even if you do not receive bills from the company or person you want to pay, you can add the payment information we use to make the payments. EXCEPTION: Tax payments and court ordered payments may be scheduled through the Service, however such payments are discouraged and must be scheduled at your own risk. In no event shall the Service be liable for any claims or damages resulting from your scheduling of these types of payments.

How are payments made?
Payments can be made one of three ways. Most payments are made electronically, directly to the payee. Other payment methods include the issuance of corporate checks or laser draft checks issued from your account. To insure no delay in your payment, payments should be scheduled at least 4 business days prior to the payment due date. The payment due date is the date that you want the payee to receive the payment.

For laser draft payments, the funds remitted to the Biller (payee) are deducted from your Payment Account when the laser draft is presented to your financial institution for payment.

Explanation of Payment Scheduling
The earliest possible Scheduled Payment Date for each Biller (payee) (typically four (4) or fewer Business Days from the current date) will be designated within the application when you are scheduling the payment. Therefore, the application will not permit you to select a Scheduled Payment Date less than the earliest possible Scheduled Payment Date designated for each Biller (payee). When scheduling payments you must select a Scheduled Payment Date that is no later than the actual Due Date reflected on your Biller (payee) statement unless the Due Date falls on a non-Business Day. If the actual Due Date falls on a non-Business Day, you must select a Scheduled Payment Date that is at least one (1) Business Day before the actual Due Date. To avoid any possible late payment fees, it is recommended that scheduled payment dates be prior to any due date.

Is there a fee for using Online Bill Pay?
There is no fee for using Meriwest Online Bill Pay. However, if there is no payment activity for a period of three months, Bill Pay service to the account will be de-activated and you will be required to re-establish your online bill pay account should you wish to continue using the service.

What other features/services does Meriwest Online Bill Pay Provide?

  • Pay multiple bills from one screen
  • Review a summary of your bills paid in the past 18 months
  • Receive notifications and pay e-Bills (electronic bills)
  • Set up automatic payment of recurring bills
  • Popmoney - our Person-to-Person (P2P) payment option
  • View and track both paid and unpaid bills over the last 6 months
  • Export your payment information to Quicken®
  • Same day Bill Pay Service *fee applies

Direct Deposit

Save time and money by having your paycheck, social security check, retirement, or annuity checks automatically deposited into your checking or savings account. No need to visit a branch or ATM to make your deposit.

If your employer provides a direct deposit form, simply fill in the routing number provided below and submit it to your H.R. Department.

The Meriwest routing number is: 321176833

If a direct deposit form is not available from your H.R. Department, download the Smart Move Toolkit. The Toolkit contains all you need to set up direct deposit to your Meriwest account.

Security Questions

Is my online communication with Meriwest secure?
Yes. Our Meriwest Online system uses the best sources for security devices and encryption. We ensure that the data that you view and transmit over the Internet is safe by using encryption. Our Meriwest Online system makes it possible for you to bank on the Internet safely using 128-bit encryption to encode all of your data. A secure browser features Secure Socket Layers, or SSL, which is a method of scrambling the information as it travels across the Internet. Second, your information must pass through a "firewall," which is a computer specifically designed to keep out unauthorized users. Plus, it is scrambled again so it can only be read by authorized Meriwest representatives. If you do not have the 128-bit encryption on your browser, please visit your browser's Web site for the latest security updates. And always remember to log off of your online banking session when complete.

Who can access my account information online?
Meriwest Online requires you to enter your member number and a password that should only be known by you. Unless you have compromised your password by revealing it to someone else, you are the only one who can access your account information using Meriwest Online. If you forget your password, you can contact our customer service department at 877-MERIWEST (637-4937) otherwise you will need to re-register the account by clicking on the "Register Here" link on the sign on page.

Why is it important to select "Exit" when I'm finished using Meriwest Online and Meriwest Online Bill Pay or when I walk away from my computer?
Once you have logged into Meriwest Online, you have begun an "active session". If you walk away during an active session, someone else can use your computer to perform transactions involving your accounts. It's like walking away from the ATM and leaving your card in the machine. Meriwest Online Bill Pay starts a separate "active session". For your protection, if there is no activity on your computer for 20 minutes, Meriwest Online and Meriwest Online Bill Pay will automatically end your active session. However, it's always better to end your session by clicking on "Exit".

Browser Questions

Which browsers can I use to access Meriwest Online?
As new browser versions continue to emerge, it is important for users to update their browser versions from time to time. This is important as newer versions have better security standards; thus, offering better protection for users. Meriwest Online Banking supports the two most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Recent versions and upgrades of browsers may not work initially as they require internal verification for security and functionality prior to allowing access to Meriwest Online. It is recommended that prior to upgrading to the latest browser version, you verify that your online banking access is available and the browser version is supported.

Outdated or Unsupported Browsers:
Meriwest Online Banking is designed to detect the user’s current browser configuration and provide an on-screen warning if the user is using an outdated or unsupported browser.

By not upgrading to a supported browser version, the user may experience incompatibility issues and possible errors.

Creating a Secure Password

Find out how to create a secure password and tips to keep in mind when creating passwords.