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Direct Deposit

Set up Direct Deposit at Meriwest Credit Union

Save time from having to go to a financial center or an ATM by having your paycheck, Social Security check, retirement, or annuity checks automatically deposited into your checking or savings account.

Direct Deposit is also a great way to save. Simply designate a portion of your check to be deposited into a savings account, and before you know it, you've saved!

If your employer provides a Direct Deposit form, simply fill in the routing number provided below and submit it to your H.R. Department.

If a Direct Deposit form is not available from your H.R. Department, you may download our form below to set up Direct Deposit to your Meriwest account. 

The Meriwest routing number is: 321176833

To ensure the correct posting of your electronic transactions from other institutions you need to make sure that you provide the correct account number. We have outlined the account number requirements for both Checking and Savings Accounts below.

For Checking Accounts you will need to use the 10 digit account number that is on the bottom of your checks after the routing number.

For Savings Accounts you will need to use your Member Number and the 2 digit suffix that designates the account. For instance, if your account number is 1234568 and your savings account suffix is 02, then you will need to use 123456802.

This information is also located in Online Banking. Just select the account from the Summary page and scroll all the way to the bottom where other account information is located.

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