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SAN JOSE, CA – December 14, 2017

Meriwest ranks among the top 6 best Credit Unions and Banks in San Jose!

According to, Meriwest ranks among the top 6 best Credit Unions and Banks in San Jose!

"Most people consider San Jose, CA the heart and soul of Silicon Valley. It’s the largest city in Northern California, with an estimated population of just over one million. This area is also noted for a high cost of living, which makes finding the top San Jose banks a high priority for many.

When you live and work in a city with the 3rd highest GDP per capita in the world, the San Jose credit union or bank you choose for loans, savings, and investments can make a big difference in how fast you reach your financial goals.

For our top 6 list, we’ve searched for both the 3 best banks in San Jose, California and the 3 best credit unions in San Jose to bring you some great choices to consider. As a bonus, we’ll also reveal which 2 banks you’ll want to steer clear of for the time being.

Included are large institutions like Bank of America San Jose, and more local homegrown options like Technology Credit Union and Santa Clara Credit Union.

Let’s get started with a summary of our ranking, then we’ll touch on what to consider when looking for the best banks or credit unions in San Jose, CA, and give a detailed review of each San Jose credit unions and banks on our 2018 Ranking."

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